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Straighten Teeth with Invisalign® Invisible Braces at Our Oakville Dental Clinic – Oak Park Dental

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Think straightening teeth with orthodontics is just for kids? Think again! For adults who don’t like the bright, chunky look of braces, ask us at Oak Park Dental in Oakville about Invisalign®. These clear aligners are easy to wear and almost unnoticeable. Invisalign® may be right for you if you have:

An overbite or underbite

A crossbite

Gap teeth

An open bite

Crowded teeth

Any number of these conditions can create unnatural stress on your teeth cause issues like early wearing of teeth, TMJ issues, fracturing of teeth, and even bone loss associated with periodontal disease. Depending on your specific condition the length of treatment time can vary greatly. Set up an appointment with Dr. Ralhan today at Oak Park Dental to talk about Invisalign® in Oakville. We are excited to help you get started on straighter, more beautiful teeth!

Benefits of Invisalign®

Other than being a virtually invisible treatment to straighten your teeth, Invisalign® is a product that is:

  • Virtually undetectable, so it can be a great solution for those worried about their professional appearance and/or self-esteem
  • Customized for you: your teeth will be scanned using a digital system (so no choking on putty moulds!) and aligners will be custom-made from those scans
  • Able to give you an opportunity to preview your smile before you even begin treatment
  • Removable, letting you care for your teeth the way you’ve always done

Your custom-made aligners are 3D-printed using a unique material called SmartTrack®. The material hugs your teeth snugly and can result in a 50% faster treatment time than braces. You simply have to replace an aligner once every two weeks until your treatment plan is done, which can be as little as three to six months.

Interested – even excited – about Invisalign®? So are we! Gone are the days of painful, cumbersome, and often embarrassing braces. Ask us today about Invisalign® with our Oakville clinic and get started on the path towards straighter teeth.

Invisalign® Not Right For You?

If Invisalign® is not in your future, then more traditional orthodontic solutions are also available at our office. Modern metal braces are quick and effective. On occasion, appliances may be used prior to braces or in conjunction with braces. Our office is pleased to offer the services of an in-house orthodontist.

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