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Mouthguards Available in Oakville to Defend Your Teeth

When we think of sports injuries, broken or knocked-out teeth are often our first thought. Athletes today are well informed and aware of the importance to protect themselves against dental injury. If you have ever lost a tooth through an impact or gotten it chipped and damaged, you can understand how stressful and frustrating it is to get that treated, not to mention expensive. For some of us, losing a tooth through impact can be particularly painful and distressing.

It is no surprise that the use of a mouth guard is of great benefit to any athlete while participating in a sport. The main purpose of the mouth guard is to protect the teeth from injury. However, the surrounding structures such as jaw joint and tongue are equally as protected. Recent research indicates that mouth guards reduce the severity of concussion if worn while playing.

A simple way to prevent the physical, emotional, and financial pain of teeth injury is to wear a mouthguard. Our Oakville patients who play extreme or contact sports are especially encouraged to protect their teeth this way. We can fabricate a custom mouthguard in-house after a consultation appointment, and have it ready for use in no time.

We also advise patients to avoid everyday tasks like using your teeth to cut tape and open packages – scissors were invented for a reason! If you have children, you should also watch out for their teeth. Babies chew everything and toddlers learning to walk fall often, so bring them to a dentist quickly if you suspect a tooth injury.


For more information on protecting your pearly whites with mouthguards, contact our Oakville clinic today.

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