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Oak Park Dental Testimonials

Exceptional Patient Care

Dr. Ralhan is patient and understanding and actively works to coordinate appointments and utilize our time effectively to ensure the best dental care is achieved. His assistant is uber efficient and provides exceptional patient care whilst communicating effectively with Dr. Ralhan.
- Jane S

Excellent Hygienist

Susan was excellent, very thorough hygienist – my teeth feel so clean! Seema is always on top of things and making sure we get to our appointments and our coverage is all in order. My teeth are so well cared for, I barely need to see Dr. Ralhan, but when I do he is always gentle and explains everything clearly. Thanks!
- Anonymous

Quick and Painless

I had cavity filled and it was absolutely great! Very quick and painless and it was nice to have a movie to watch/listen to while I had the procedure. The staff is always great!
- Paul U

Best Dentist

Dr. Ralhan is the best dentist I have ever seen. Here is my review. He followed all procedures very well. He communicated me very well and helped me to identify my problem accurately. He paid attention very detail and had keen conclusions. He learned my history and gave me an excellent review of my teeth. His clinic is very clean and his staff are very friendly. I have a strong feeling that he must be the best dentist in Oakville. He gives his best effort to his patient. I highly recommend him to people. His high professionalism ,communication skills, and knowledge impressed me very much.
- Huanran W

Friendly and Personable

Tracey cleaned my teeth for a 2nd time! I was so happy to see her greet me when I walked through the door at my last appointment! I have always had great service at Oak Park but I loved the way she cleaned my teeth! They have never felt cleaner, and there was no discomfort during the process! Beyond her skill, she is so friendly and personable!!!
- Denise B

Her Work Is Amazing!!

Yesterday I had my cleaning done by Tracy.
I’ve never really felt that the work done by any dental hygienist at Oak Park Dental was anything less than satisfactory, they’ve all been just fine.
With all of that said, Tracy took me to a whole new level of being super happy. Her work is AMAZING!! She is easy to sit for, extremely thorough and yet she seems to hardly invade your senses whilst she’s doing her work. Tracy is amazingly gentle but I still got a strong sense that she was doing an extremely thorough job and that she missed nothing. She explained everything she was doing, and took the time to inspect all her work carefully before announcing that she was done.
Just superb, superb, superb.
- Martin D

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