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Bonded Fillings

Fix Chips & Stains with Teeth Bonding at Oakville’s Oak Park Dental

Have a frustrating chip or persistent stain on your teeth? Consider our teeth bonding services in Oakville at Oak Park Dental. Our tooth-coloured restorations and bonded fillings can be an excellent solution for those hoping to treat minor tooth damage.

This is a simple restorative procedure that uses composite resin (a mixture of coloured plastic and glass) to fill up missing areas of teeth, restoring the original size and shape of the tooth. This versatile material can be used in a variety of procedures and allows for very little of your teeth to be removed. A light shapes and hardens the composite resin in layers, and the resin can also be used to paint over these stains. Because composite resin is the same colour as teeth, bonded filling materials are virtually identical to the surrounding natural teeth. Bonded fillings are simple and can be done in one appointment, but we do recommend regular check-ups afterwards to look after any damage or discomfort that may occur.

For patients in Oakville who have tripped and fell on their teeth and caused minor damage, try not to worry! Contact us today for more information on bonded fillings, and book an appointment for teeth bonding at our Oakville clinic today. At Oak Park Dental, our mission is to help you smile confidently and beautifully, and we look forward to supporting you with our restorative dental services.

Dentist bonding a filling
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